Torotoro program

DAY 1 Cochabamba – Torotoro .- trip and accommodation in the  lodge . In the afternoon we will visit Umajalanta (larger cavern Bolivia) located 10 kilometers from the village at the end of the day we return to the lodge in Torotoro .
DAY 2 Torotoro – Itas – Torotoro.- Exit to the city of Itas (Stone Town) located 21 km. Of the population, then we visit the interpretive center "turtle graveyard", later to return to Torotoro where we visit the museum of stone "Pachamama Wasi".
DAY 3 Torotoro – Cochabamba.- We walked to the orchard on the way dinosaur footprints (clearly visible in rocky outcrops and lderas) , natural stone theater, natural stone bridges , the viewpoint of the canyon and then we return Torotoro Bergel spa and then observed Cochabamba .